Jonah is the story of a reluctant prophet who did not want to go to what he considered the enemy of his people and call them to repentance. Though this journey, we learn of the extent of God’s unconditional love, even for a wicked people and that God will respond to those seeking him.  On a personal level, to refuse to do what God clearly sets before us only leads to misery, both divine and self-inflicted. In this short moment in history, we learn that God uses his people to reach out to an unbelieving world in ways we would not expect.

Jonah 1.1-7 Lesson 1

Jonah 1.8-16 Lesson 2

Jonah 1.17-2.10 Lesson 3

Jonah 3.1-10 Lesson 4

Jonah 4.1-11 Lesson 5