Many Christians have been told to ready or study their Bibles without any any guidance how to best do this. For this reason, the first videos produced were to help the believer, adult and child, to get started on the right path.

It is strongly urged that one not skip lessons for some very important reasons. To skip  lessons, runs the risk of not getting the whole truth or misunderstanding what is being taught. This also misses the benefit of learning key words and their meanings. Doctrines are also accumulative and constantly revised to accomadate recent teaching.

Suggested Sequence for Adults

Begin with the Basic Training series.
Then the Intermediate Bible Training series.
After these series, you will have a base. To deepen the base and learn how to be practical in your application, continue your studies with the book of James then Philippians.
Then the Fall of Satan and Creation series.

If you are concerned about the tongues or charismatic movement, then the Tongues Special will be of great value, but the more series you have studied, the easier this in-depth study will be to understand.

Then you can go several different books and directions. But I suggest that you do Galatians before Romans.

Future History before Daniel (in the process of being updated).

1st and 2nd Thessalonians-for a important study on future things and the current situation.

The Psalms are designed to do each Psalm at one sitting except for the longer Psalms (e.g. Ps. 110). Do Psalm 1 first for an introduction to the Psalms.

The Proverbs can be done one or more lessons at a time.

Jonah requires less background in the Old Testament.

Joel requires some background in the Old Testament.

John is a very important study and is for the more advanced believer.