These lessons are targeted for children about the age of eight to fourteen, depending on there previous background but are profitable for all ages. It is always suggested that a parent listen through these series with children.

CS First Things—This is the basic series for children and should be studied first.

CS Christmas Special—This gives important background often missed in the study of the Christmas story.

CS James—These lessons will help the young people learn to apply the Word of God.

CS Romans— This is a difficult series for children but well worth working through with one’s children.

CS Psalms—The Psalms can be done anytime. Do Psalm One first for introductory purposes to the Psalms.

CS Proverbs—These are especially valuable for children and can be done anytime.

CS Daniel—This series is well beyond just the stories of Daniel. It gives children a good background to some key teachings about life and faith. Much of Daniel is future history but also prophetic for us. It is important for our children understand what is coming in the near future, as both a readiness factor and for motivation.

CS Jonah—Some good lessons on our obligation to give the gospel to those who do not appeal to us.

CS John— One of most important studies for children and is for the more advanced child.