The Basic Series is designed to get the new Christian or the Christian who has decided to get serious started on the path of spiritual growth. Without these basic series understood and properly applied, a believer can easily lose his way on the path to maturity. Many Christians spend most of their Christian life living in the power of the flesh rather than the power of the Spirit. The flesh or the sin nature leads the believer down the path to human good and religion or to living a life of licentiousness. This in effect is a wasted life.

Many believers have much less an understanding of the Christian faith than they think. For this reason we begin with a brief and light study of a few of the basics of the Christian faith. However, like any subject we intend to master, we start with what we must know first and build upon that.

We broaden and deepen our understanding of God and his word through studying the many ways in which Christian truth is presented. Whether it is by narrative, poetry, wisdom literature, proverb, parable or letter, the word of God is to be learned, believed and applied. It is the goal of this ministry to make this possible for all believers. The whole counsel of God is to be taught and understood and it is for  that reason we study the entire Word of God.